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Learn about how Duxter is giving gamers control of their gamerlife

DuxDev Intern
Posted by Duxter 06 November 2012 - 02:02 AM 0  comments

Do you love video games? Facebook? Nerf gun fights? Come join us at Duxter, we've built and are rapidly expanding a social network for people who love gaming. You'll work with great people in software engineering, be part of building cool new features and making a great place to discover and hang out with other gamers, and you'll get to shoot nerf guns at our CEO. What could be better?

We're looking for people who have a background in PHP development - primarily familiarity with PHP, MySQL, and jQuery - and eager to learn new skills and build new code. We're trying out other new tech as well, including Node.js, Mongo, and undoubtedly other areas going forward, so you'l be exposed to a variety of different ways to build and grow systems. If you think it'd be cool to help build a great platform where gamers share their achievements, discover new friends (and rivals), and are rewarded for their gaming life achievements, send us a resume and a couple lines about why you love gaming.

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