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Learn about how Duxter is giving gamers control of their gamerlife

Mobile Engineering Wiz
Posted by Duxter 09 November 2012 - 06:56 PM 0  comments

If you've ever looked for a new group of folks to play games with - or against - and found that existing social networks weren't really the place to meet up, you'll understand why we've built Duxter. It's the place to live your #gamerlife - and now we're looking to take it everywhere! We have big plans to build a mobile experience that lets you stay connected and supports your play, from matchmaking and news to guilds and clans.

We're looking for engineers with enthusiasm for gaming and experience in mobile development. Aiming for a baseline HTML5 mobile site, as well as native applications for Android and iOS, with the tablet markets to follow as well - and probably even new console environments like the OUYA. If you have a solid background in coding and user interface work for smartphones, we'd like to hear from you. Our ideal candidate would have demonstrated the ability to work across multiple devices and technologies, familiarity with both native code (Objective C/iOS and Java/Android) and the cross-platform development suites (Titanium, Phonegap, Corona, etc), experience with the merits and pitfalls of mobile-specific websites, and excitement about both startups and gaming.

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