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Duxter Release Notes (November 18th, 2012)
Posted by Duxter 21 November 2012 - 04:21 PM 1  comment

Duxter Change Log

Week Ending 18th November 2012

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed variety of broken award and quest images
  • Fixed a variety of broken awards that were not triggering properly
  • Linking twitter Quest is now working
  • Fixed a bizarre issue where certain emoticons were not working in forums
  • Solved an issue where accepting friend requests would sometimes not reduce notification count
  • Notifications are now working properly for ALL members, previously there was 1 member who could not receive notifications
  • Instant messaging now works on profile pages
  • Track button is back on profiles and the pages app
  • Resolved some issues with forum permissions
  • Fixed some styling with award notifications
  • Comments on blog posts were displayed in order of oldest to newest, this has been reversed
  • Firefox and IE had some issues with notifications when there were more than 5, this has been corrected


  • Minor UI tweaking on settings and profile pages
  • Replies to forum posts now aggregate in the notification dropdown
  • Variety of things have improved on grid style newsfeed view
  • Added links to toast notifications that pop up in the bottom left hand corner of your screen. These notifications can now be clicked on, and will link you to the appropriate place
  • Unified the tooltip style throughout the site, now tooltips on the newsfeed should be readable!
  • Restyled the initial Duxter Tour screen which pops up directly after registration
  • Completely remodeled the messaging system, check it out!
  • Sticky sidebar that scrolls as you read a PM so tools are always accessible
  • Brand new PM composer, easier to read and use!
  • Reworked the referral system to make sure awards are given when your friends join
  • The system now gives credit to the “inviter” when a new user joins after clicking on the inviter’s profile, video, or any other content they create
  • Resolved issues with some users’ referrals not counting
  • Users are now shown your profile with a banner upon clicking your referral link, rather than the standard splash screen
  • If a user signs up within 24 hours of clicking any of your links you will get credit for the referral
  • If a user signs up after being brought to the site via one of your DuxTube videos you will get credit for the referral

New Features

  • Due to popular demand your twitter account can now be linked with your Duxter account
  • Added the option to send private messages directly from profile pages
  • DuxCade now contains: Multiplayer Chess, Glass Checkers, Sailor Girl, Minesweeper Retro Builder (Tetris), Multiplayer Tic Tac Toe, bs2.5, Box Dude, Tower Defense


Comments (1)

Haha, its like reading through my feedback history for bugs XD. Great job on all the updates, site is just getting more and more awesome!
21 November 2012 - 04:49 PM