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Duxter Release Notes (December 18, 2012)
Posted by Duxter 18 December 2012 - 08:53 PM 1  comment

Duxter Change Log

18th December 2012

This is the largest Duxter release in months! Today we all get access to three amazing new features, as well as the typical weekly bug fixes, improvements, etc... Each of the big new features deserves its own section, below you will find the standard change log notes.

Game Hub
Congregate around your favorite game. By tracking your favorite games you can receive updates, videos, and livestreams directly in your news feed. There are now 37,523 game hub pages, 8,064 company pages, and 135 unique platforms for you to interact with. Check out your favorite games and don’t forget to track them.

Create your own community inside of Duxter. Your guild, clan, team, or fan group now has a home. Private or public, host your own forums, chat, and news board. Access to your community will be easily accessible on the left side of your newsfeed.

Meme Generator
Create and share memes with your gamer friends. The Meme Generator will be accessible on the left side of the newsfeed for all members. We preloaded the app with a handful of popular meme images, however the system was built to be fully customizable. We are all excited to see all the great memes folks come up with.

Bug Fixes

  • Graphical bug with the user dropdown menu has been sorted
  • Fixed a variety of problems for our friends using IE9...the biggest fix, however, will come when you switch to Chrome or Firefox (evil smile)
  • Some users experienced issues when trying to push or repush a news item. These issues have been resolved.
  • Fixed some linkage issues in “posts” on profile pages
  • And much much more!


  • DuxTube has been reskinned to fit with the Duxter theme

    • Portal view
    • Video view
  • Reskinned the rank list page

    • Also added a friendly url to access this list:
  • New store section called “Hot Deals”
  • “Share Duxter” box at the bottom of your user dropdown menu has been completely redone, making it easier and more beautiful than ever to share Duxter
  • Minor UI upgrades to the DuxShop
  • Added a variety of tooltips around the site to make it more navicable to new users
  • Breadcrumb now displays on forums for easier navigation
  • Minor visual upgrades to personal messenger

New Features

  • Duxter profiles now display your public gamer profiles such as your XBL gamertag
  • Primordial computers (basically the most badass mega custom computers in the world) have been added to DuxShop
  • Tracking has now been added to all profiles
  • As you may have already noticed, an “Upgrade” notification has been added to Duxter. Whenever there are major upgrades every member will be visually notified with the upgrade screen
  • Profile pages now display your “personal activity” as requested by many users
  • There are a variety of new awards and quests setup around communities, game hubs, and the meme generator
  • A new advanced tutorial has been created to show you where to access new features
  • Breadcrumbs should now appear in forums
  • Clicking on an external link will now place a frame around the page to allow you to see your Duxter notifications, chat, and quickly navigate back to Duxter.


  • Anthony consumed 87 energy drinks and 18 burgers during the building of the Game Hub


  • ...on the same day

Comments (1)

Great updates! Really liking the new gamehub
18 December 2012 - 09:28 PM