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Duxter Release Notes (January 15th, 2012)
Posted by Duxter 15 January 2013 - 10:24 PM 3  comments

The last month has been a very busy month for us at Duxter and we have been going through all of your feedback to resolve all the bugs you have reported to us. Below is a list of fixes that we have made.

Please be sure to keep sending us your feedback, whether its good, bad or ugly. We love to hear what you think so far and we are always open to new ideas and suggestions.

Keep on gaming.

Duxter Change Log

Jan 15, 2013

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some broken rank images
  • Squashed a bug causing avatars not to appear properly during IM chat
  • Fixed all major bugs with Quests and Awards. All Quests and Awards should properly be awarded! YAY!
  • Some minor issues with profile pages being too long has been fixed
  • Minor tweaks to Push feature to improve its reliability
  • Cleaned up some UI issues in the Quest Hub
  • Fixed a problem where friend requests being accepted through email wouldn’t reduce online notification count
  • Profile bug where clicking Find Content did nothing, now actually shows content created by the gamer you are stalking
  • Random bug sometimes showing the wrong avatar in the notification dropdown has been squashed
  • Rearranged the way “linked profiles” on profile pages display
  • Duxter links now display properly in the newsfeed
  • Restyled XP bar in forums and made sure the progress bar is accurate
  • Fixed some minor UI bugs when using duckets in the DuxShop
  • User rank now displays properly in all Arcade games
  • UI bugs at the bottom of some gamehub pages have been corrected
  • Weird mysterious shadow thing is now gone. Only a few gamers ever saw this, but those who did had a great eye!
  • Fixed issues with video thumbnails not displaying, or displaying incorrectly
  • corrected featured video size to remove black borders
  • Fixed issue where under certain circumstances, videos would not display in the video system
  • Fixed some minor issues with javascript compiling
  • Fixed various minor bugs in the video system
  • Fixed an issue with the Game Hub that would cause duplicate news articles to be posted throughout the day


  • Award icons now appear in your notification menu, previously your avatar was displayed
  • Added Communities and Meme Generator to the intro tutorial for new users
  • Several upgrades have been made to the splash page, it should now be easier for folks to sign up for Duxter
  • Commenting or Like/Disliking a newsfeed item no longer subscribes you to notifications for subsequent likes/dislikes. You will still be notified of additional comments.
  • A handful of new awards around the Meme Generator and Communities are now active
  • More tooltips (little bubbles when you hover over items) will appear on Duxter. This should make the site easier to use for new members
  • The quest dropdown will now resize to fit all browsers. It is also scrollabe and will allow gamers on smaller screens to see all quests by simply scrolling
  • Major search upgrades including increased relevancy and speed
  • Communities are now searchable if they are set to public, private communities of course will be private
  • A “Newly added” tab has been added to the arcade
  • Game Hub pages should be more responsive
  • DopeFish Lives on!
  • Video thumbnails now load and generate much more quickly
  • Fixed a bizarre broken link in Settings
  • Changed the way videos are displayed for improved responsiveness and reliability
  • Adjusted quest and notification dropdowns to be the same height
  • Game Hub & Videos now better accessible by guests

New Features

  • Track feature is now available on all Gamehub pages including publishers, companies, and consoles
  • At the bottom of the notification dropdown you will find a More Notifications button. This will take you to a full page of your previous notifications. There have also been a few minor tweaks to the way notifications work, including dismissing all notifications upon opening the tab as well as the launching of a Clear All notifications button on the more notifications page. Notifications should be easier to deal with than ever
  • Duxter Explorer - Our advanced search page which will help you find content throughout various Duxter systems. Including games, people, videos and communities. Accessible by selecting “More Results” from the global search in the site header.
  • Added the ability to search for gamers by network IDs. Searching for an XBOX or PSN profile will now return the Duxter username associated with that handle. It is easier than ever to find your friends on Duxter.


  • gaming for 4 hours a day boosts your immunity to noobs.

Comments (3)

Holy guacamole. That is a lot of bug fixes.
15 January 2013 - 10:25 PM

blizzard has blue posts, Duxter has green posts.
16 January 2013 - 12:29 AM

Wow, a whole lot of fixes XD Well done to everyone doing all this!
16 January 2013 - 10:37 AM