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War Reports

War Reports
Plastered outsmarted QWar ViP, Jade Drachen and Shoguns... Scores: 36125, 33205, 2726, 2572
Fallen Samurai is victorious against The Primes, Bloody Katana and WorkingWarrior. Scores: 44, 6, 2, 0
Dai Nippon's first war victory! Victims were Rony, Impero di Mu and Polish Power. Scores: 1435, 274, 173, 29
中国江山美人 won the war against Thugz, 祭り組 and North Borneo. All bow to the mighty 中国江山美人. Scores: 63, 24, 2, 0
Korea war obliterated Domo Arigato, Ashes to Ashes and Purple Rising... Unstoppable! Scores: 197793, 42641, 39297, 32274
Demon Monkeys won the war against Digmaan Jr, Venezuela and Wifi 忍者. All bow to the mighty Demon Monkeys. Scores: 42, 11, 1, 0
Mexico Oficial steamrolled GAMELAN, The Grasshoppers and Scottish... Unstoppable! Scores: 27128, 9537, 6381, 1198
The Myth's record! 30-win streak! Victims were MAD alliance, KALANCHAW and Arc angels. Scores: 17278, 6141, 5659, 3193
I BARBUTI's first war victory! Victims were Hyenas246, YES la suite and sagasidam. Scores: 2344, 202, 175, 0
El Templo smashed Pinoy Sensei's 6-win streak in a war with Thunder Hammer and Grumpy Old Men. Scores: 27, 12, 5, 2
Donate Max steamrolled Happy warriors, PilokSAHA TC and Chaos... Unstoppable! Scores: 80907, 12864, 772, 439
Baby Tiger is on a roll with a 7-win streak! Victims were Cool N Swag, Adults Inc and Primal Rage. Scores: 117516, 91396, 91287, 18914
Donate or Die is victorious against Saskatchewan, Death Havers and The Mcducks. Scores: 17, 6, 5, 0
Epic war between Bushido Latino 38 and 37 REYES MEXICO, 8 Na Mo, 0 kingdom Rush
НОЧНЫЕ ВЕДЬМЫ's first war victory! Victims were Wwwhh, TBU and TuanTuan. Scores: 3683, 1780, 539, 0
CHINA 战魂 outsmarted Kicked Out, 戦国ファームプロダクツ and sub zero smash... Scores: 50, 24, 1, 0
Arcangels steamrolled Superhelden, Redstar VIPS and True Family... Unstoppable! Scores: 105518, 56825, 18198, 11676
中国五湖四海 just broke Vietnam clan's 7-win streak in a war with FLAMES OF WAR and Dota Warrior. Scores: 57, 30, 1, 1
NPD's first war victory! Victims were Kulako, qwert and RUPUNZEL. Scores: 1215, 518, 298, -48
Immos Brawls outsmarted Bellator, @AngelzHeartzWar and Oda Clan... Scores: 33, 29, 13, 12
Lil Minions won the war against Sword Squad, fifth element and Fstonshadow. All bow to the mighty Lil Minions. Scores: 54, 18, 11, 1
thailand 555's first war victory! Victims were meh, Coo coo puffs and The Senju Clan. Scores: 1242, 351, 98, 94
Toltecas is victorious against Black Hand, EastCoast and Enrjomon. Scores: 34, 6, 0, 0
Squadren's record! 90-win streak! Victims were PinoyBestBuds, Lost Ronin and usmcmarsoc. Scores: 94544, 29750, 3326, 2140
MILKYWAYGALAXY's first war victory! Victims were The skeloton, Dhara and WarGods XVII. Scores: 2525, 1057, 700, 268
Sick N Twisted is victorious against Blood Line, 中国中国 and nucleispartani. Scores: 26, 4, 1, 1
Firesmoke won the war against Texas Elite, KungPaoKillers and 美少女戦士ボインダー. All bow to the mighty Firesmoke. Scores: 49, 22, 5, 0
Deadly Sins's first war victory! Victims were hiryū, kompedan and Mexico Elite. Scores: 940, 419, 197, 88
Mex won the war against Jesus Is Love, VIPDeutschland and Villa Brasil. All bow to the mighty Mex. Scores: 97417, 78808, 55422, 3620
Canada Tsunami just broke Lords Den's 5-win streak in a war with Dojo Español and Assassins Inc. Scores: 38, 22, 29, 0



Killer UNDERGROUND Killer UNDERGROUND December 23, 2014, 4:53 pm

Hey Duxter Peeps!! @_@

Co-Shogun of UNDERGROUND here...

What were about...
UNDERGROUND is a small crew...

However during Events we GO HARD bringin Hitters from all over together!!
Filling all the seats w/ cool peeps!!

We bring people in all with the same mine set...
And ... FUN!!!

So any loners out there or peeps just bored with their current clan... Come check us out Next event!

LINE Me for Details:

LINE ID: beesgurls
Thx Killer

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